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Legend of R.P.Ganoderma


R.P.GANODERMA--Natural Health Food



R. P. GANODERMA EXTRACT is a rare and valuable Tea. Due to its rarity, wildly grown R. P. G. is very hard to find. Cultivated R. P. G., which has the same potency, is hard to grow.  From germination to maturity, the cultivation period is 3 years.


A new product called OSHIGA is being released by Rejuvenate Health Inc.

OSHIGA is 100% pure R. P. Ganoderma obtained through a strict process of collection to isolate its unique ingredients to achieve the highest effectiveness from nature’s plant.  The product goes through an elaborate system and is the result of advanced technology.         


R. P. GANODERM A EXTRACT : *****Information from-------

* Ganoderma academic assoc.  

* Ganoderma Digest.

* Japanese periodical Chinese traditional medicine.

* Today’s herbal health. (Tenney, L., M.H.)




  1.  It gives fuel to those with very weak and low  immune                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            this ability.with the help of fuel, the immune engine (system) in the body will start to fight abnormal cells and foreign invaders.

  2.  Each component in R. P. G. provides a different function.  They are like different weapons; when working together, they function synergistically, attacking the enemy from different directions.

  3.  The most remarkable characteristic is how it enhances your ability to fight cancer cells.  It will directly interfere with growth and destroy those cancer cells.



1.     It boosts NK-cells (natural killer cells) to produce more interferon (IFN-r), to   defend you from viruses and potentially harmful matter.

   2.   It helps stimulate macrocytes to release H2O2 which can break cancer cells, and then ingest the foreign invaders.  Finally, cancer cells stop dividing, expanding, and growing.

   3.   It’ll enhance the body’s immune system, aid self-curative powers or healing ablility, and prevent the recurrence and spreading of cancer cells.

4.     It can be used in conjunction with chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

5.     It can activate white blood cells and lymphocytes.

6.     It enhances the function of B cells by forming antibodies.

7.     It alleviates pain, nausea, sleeplessness, anorexia, low energy, and weakness caused by chemotherapy


Components (Ingredients):  Polysaccharides, Beta-D glucan, Adenosine, Alkaloid, Triterpenoids, Lentinan, Multi-Amino acids, Org. Germanium, mineral, rare elements.

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